An electric dryer installed at a beauty salon.


This means that the dryer is no longer drying.

We performed disassembly and overhaul work.

All towels are washed in-house,


The dryer is a lifeline! I have always found it useful.

Gas dryers dry fasterAt sites where equipment is difficultThere are many beauty salons that have adopted this electric type with coin laundry specifications.


It’s been 2 years since the installation, but the equipment has been disassembled and overhauled about 4 times so farSince it is used in coins, the total operating time over two years can be determined from the counter. 21,000 hours of operation in 2 yearsCalculated from business days and business hours, it operates 7.5 hours a day, and business hours are 10 hours, so it is an excellent dryer that can work even in a tough environment where it is running most of the time. .Now, I’m concerned about the electricity bill.

If you use this electric dryer for 7.5 hours, it will cost you 400 yen per day.

I think the total cost is much cheaper than sending the towels to a linen shop.

When considering installing a towel dryer in your beauty salonPlease feel free to contact Laundry Heaven Co., Ltd.

[Store scale]

Business hours 10 hours, fixed weekly holidays

Cut side 4 sides

2 shower booths

Staff: 3 to 4 people

1 washing machine 5kg

size1 coin-operated electric dryer

Towels (face towels) to be thrown into the dryer at once30-40 pieces







カット面 4面シャワーブース 2台

スタッフ 3〜4名

洗濯機5キロサイズ 1台

コイン仕様電気乾燥機 1台