Today, we carried out replacement work from a drum-type washing machine to a Washing and drying machine .

This was originally a store that did not have a
Washing and drying machine ,

We have installed a washing machine and dryer,

As the number of users has increased, we have decided to replace the existing washing machines.

The washing machine that was previously installed16 kg and 23 kg


You can wash large items that cannot be washed at home,

In terms of actual usage,


The reality was that each person rotated about once a day.


On days when it is not in use, it may not turn even once, and in a week it may turn around 5 times.


The reality is that it feels like it’s time to change clothes a little more.

The biggest feature of the washer dryer is not only for washing large items, but also for washing everyday clothes all at once in 60 minutes!

I want to wash and dry my clothes and finish the repetitive tasks all at once at a coin laundry.


If you are a coin laundry owner who has not yet installed one at your store, please understand that there is a demand for this, and work with us to create a thriving store that will please your customers!

When considering replacing your washing machine with a
Washing and drying machine To Laundry Heaven Co., Ltd.

Please feel free to contact us