Disaster countermeasure coin laundry “Chiliegio” will open in Iwaki City Fukushima Prefecture. The laundromat is a disaster countermeasure laundromat, equipped with a backup power supply for blackout or water outage. It operates quickly even in the event of a disaster.

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Twelve years ago, on March 11th, 2011, entire city of Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. In the event of disaster, it is necessary to immediately secure food and evacuation site, and hygienic environment such as toilet, bath and laundry.

Indeed, FOOD・SHELTER・CLOTHING are urgent issues in times of disaster.

The laundromat, “Chiliegio” has a backup power supply circuit, and can be useful not only as a laundromat during normal times but also as a disaster base.

We would like people to use it in various ways as a local community securing drinking water even in the event of disaster.

“Chiliegio” means “cherry tree” in Italian.

We decided to open “Chiliegio” on March 11th so that we can remember various lessons from our memories from the Great East Japan Earthquake twelve years ago.

March 11th 10:00

1 Introducing 34kg washer/dryer for the first landing in Iwaki City
2 Cashless payment possible such as PAYPAY, credit, electronic money (currently applying)
3 Adopting laundry exclusive prepaid card
4 Installing frozen vending machines
5 Holding events such as flea markets
We will plan regional revitalization for everyone to enjoy.

On the first day of the opening, we plan to sell a limited number of 100 prepaid cards that can be used at a super bargain price.
We hope to see many of you!!